About me

Rame, artist.

I live in Geneva, Switzerland. 

My art shows elements and figures that in the form of play create a communication between colors, figures and characters. 

These characters in the form of a game, in the face of suffering, loss of hope, despair, joy, etc., I try to create a more open world.

The deep connection between the past and the present is something that fascinates me. 

Using faces and emotions to express a sensitive and diverse story is my inspiration. 



In addition, the performances and videos I create are connected to the painting and together build the most powerful message in my art. 

Without stopping at any moment in my work, I focus all my energy to continue my artistic journey.

Ramë Dardania received theater training and worked at the Ferizaj Municipal Theater. He also created the group Teatrin Modern Po-Po with a few other artists, where he performed as an actor. He participates in successful shows such as “Where are they?”, “Neither yes nor no”, “Ombres et Lumières”, “Much ado about nothing” etc. Additionally, he has received several national and international awards for his outstanding performances.

At the Ferizaj Theater Festival, the show won the first prize “Entry without connections exits with connections”, of which he is the author of the text. He has also collaborated with theaters in Germany, France, Poland and the United States of America, benefiting from the experiences of different directors.

Regarding his filmography, he starred in films like “Don’t take my chair, people need me” in Brussels, “Le Morte de Socrat” in Geneva, “confiance” in Mompelie, etc. He is also a member of the Fifog Film Festival in Geneva. where they became an integral part of the film selection community. Ramë continues to contribute to the growth and development of art! Its goal is to fight evil while protecting good.