The Open Eye of the Artist

This painting transcends the surface and descends into the depths of the artist’s mind, unraveling his extraordinary focus on the past, present and future. His creativity is described as a free flow of thought, bringing to life rich emotions, ideas and visions. “The Open Eye of the Artist” ignites the imagination and inspires the reader […]

My friend!

The painting is described as a portrait of a dear and respected friend of mine who listened carefully to the opinions of others and always remained positive. He always had a smile on his face and expressed a desire to live life to the fullest. Surrounded by artists and art, he appeared as a sensitive […]

The Visionary

Brilliance, revolution, leadership. Media : acrylic on canvasSize : 30 cm x 40 cmYear : February 2024Country: Switzerland

The Tired

The portrait shows a tired person using an extended tongue to rest. His language reveals his constant efforts to please others. With words that fall like rain, he tries to “satiate” others, indicative of his commitment to giving them their tasks. I have tried to use details and soft lines in the portrait to emphasize […]

Hidden Secrets

This painting depicts an atmosphere of mystery and uncertainty, where hidden characters seem to hold deep secrets. Striking with their obscurity and ambiguity, they absorb attention and inspire curiosity. The sinister figures in the background evoke deep feelings of uncertainty, leaving the viewer to imagine the story behind them. Media : acrylic on canvasSize : […]

Teenagers and Social

This painting reflects the extraordinary reality of teenagers in our modern world, where social networks are an irreplaceable element. As teenagers, our experience of the world is very different from what previous generations have experienced. Social networks bring an advanced picture of our identity, forcing us to present a perfect image, even though deep down […]

Frozen in Time

Exploring the Boundaries between Past and Present Media : acrylic on canvasSize : 40 cm x 70 cmYear : November 2023Country: Switzerland

Plisi (hat)

The painting depicts a pleat on the head, a powerful symbol of Albanian national identity and culture. Plis has become a symbol of Albanian independence and tradition, and in this portrait he represents a strong sense of connection to the country’s culture and history. This painting is a deep expression of identity and sense of […]

The thinkers

The thinkers

A fluid painting of conjoined heads, flowing one after the other. The viewer is caught in a series of strange facial expressions and confused thoughts. Each head represents a stream of thought, displaying a volatile wave of thoughts and emotions. This painting depicts the thought process as a continuous and changing flow, bringing an inexplicable […]

The Drunk

The Drunk

Through this painting I have told a story about a small town called Gjovik, where one night I saw some drunken people singing, laughing and being very happy. They were friends, but they didn’t know each other. It was like a secret word between them, a beautiful and strange moment that brought them together on this special night.