Chair 1
Chair 2
Chair 3

From a young age, we want the best place. In the car, at school, on the plane, in the theater, in the dance, in politics. In the end, there are only three on the podium. It is for these places, that many people fight.

Media : Acrylic on paper
Size : 70cm x 100cm
Year : November 2008
Country: Switzerland

Don’t touch my chair because the chair is for me!

Chairs (triptychs) impress me most of the time.  I see many times how they are positioned in different aesthetic forms, sometimes in abnormal forms.  I observe people entering a hall, how they take their unassigned and assigned seats.  The most difficult moment is when there is noise about the chairs, when several people want the same chair.  And that’s exactly why it becomes critical in this video.  We can damage the chair, we can destroy it, but if the chair happens to hit us, then it hurts a lot.  In this clip, the chair is damaged in order for each of us to ask whether or not we deserve the chair in front of us that we have on special occasions.