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Rame Beqiri



As an artist with albanian origin and actually living in Switzerland, I started with theatre by playing several roles in theatre not only in my country, but playing abroad as well.
In 2006, I moved to Geneva, and so that’s how my career in painting started.
My inspiration at the beginning was Geneva itself with its beauties, the lake, dynamic life, the city that never sleeps and always moves and tiny alleys pathed in cobble. Even though I frequented a lot, those tiny alleys sent me to art galleries. I have visited many galleries and different painters, and doing so, I thought to make a bridge that somehow will link my interest in theatre and painting. And so, with eyes full of art, I started painting. With my artistic portfolio I try to spread positivity by promoting only peace and love. My sensuality starts from my heart, and my colours are the words that cannot be told differently. My works are abstract, and I use acrylic colours and oil pastels.

Sources: MADS