Shpëtim Selmani

Shpëtim Selmani

I am convinced that a human is an artist in two stages oftheir life!

At an early age when the human being is preparing to enter the barbaric law of the world as a field of pain and at a later age when man surrenders to various evolutions and stages of time, which have already crippled him and left him alone in the fiery realm of his meditative or philosophical findings, over everything he had in his hands and everything he did not have, but also on everything thatslipped from his hands.

So the human face in the end will first and foremost be the property of fatality.

I’ve had the good fortune that immediately after the war on the stage of a small theater I met a warrior and at the same time a great artist. A big surprise that was laughing after dozens of layers of nylon.

– A troubled soul hitting the wall of ridicule with its head.
– An uncomfortable man dying for colors.
– A being with a chest made of blood from the past.
– The great lover of the absurd woman.
– A nomadic.
– A born artist. His Excellency. Ramë Beqiri.

Now let’s get back to where I’m called to this time. Being a big fan of my beliefs, I have the great pleasure of saying what I have said several times!

“There is no life outside of art”,

And everything that art reveals is our reality which we sometimes do not tolerate, we do not love and we always remain dissatisfied.

There is no artist who enjoys the existence of each reality, it can only be clowns who wear the artist’s clothes and these are boring idiots contented with their idiotic appearances.

Either you are. Or you are not.

There is no other way. The golden mean has been burned by the gods.

Ramë Beqiri is an artist and has only one life. The possible life which has accidentally folded in the forehead the fate of Art and the masters of war.

The paintings of the powerful Ramë Beqiri, above all, seek to shed light on anxiety as a result of uncontrollable and inevitable threats to the political, social, economic animal but also to himself.

With his childish colors he describes in subtle,psychological surprise, as the desire for recognition of reality according to Thomas Aquinas and as the need to walk the paths of the triumph of human freedom.

The strange artist Ramë Beqiri is a case that should be carefully considered. Otherwise you will not be able to understand anything about him and the emotional outburst that characterizes him constantly.

He has understood from an early age the importance of art as unconditional love, as a divine need, as a game of rainbow children, while for myself every time I see him it seems to me as if I am meeting him for the first time.

I’m still amazed at his creative power, at his serious humor, at the way he talks, how he throws pebbles atreflectors, how he creates music with coins in the pockets of his pants. I am infinitely happy to know him.

He is a terribly wonderful beast.

Shpëtim Selmani.